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        資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:゛陌上花開 更新時間:2014-12-20
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        折扣與優惠:團購最低可5折優惠 - 了解詳情 論文格式:Word格式(*.doc)

        Abstract:American slang is a kind of colloquial speech used extensively on informal occasions. Slang is gradually accepted by more and more Americans with the development of modern times. Language is the carrier of culture. It is impossible to fully master American culture without perfect understanding of slang—a prevailing form of oral speech in current America. 

        One of the time-honored and authoritative publications is Slang Today and Yesterday written by Eric Partridge. The valuable reference book introduced the history of slang in details and classified slang words into systematical categories. However, what it mainly focuses on was merely certain slang words without giving further profound linguistic analysis. This thesis intends to analyze American slang in linguistic perspective. Semantic, rhetoric and pragmatic features are discussed in details to display the expressiveness as well as vigor in slang. We can learn from the thesis that American people are creative and full of sense of humor. It is sincerely hoped that the study presents us reference to comprehensive understanding of American slang as well as culture and facilitate cross-cultural communication.

        Key Words: American slang; language; features



        埃里克的《俚語今昔》是俚語著作中較為權威和悠久的。該著作詳細介紹了俚語的歷史,并對俚語詞類進行了系統的分類整理和深入解釋,具有一定參考價值。然而其研究重點是字詞本身,而非從語言的角度的對俚語進行總體研究。本論文則從語言學的角度,對俚語的語義、修辭和語用三個方面的特征進行深入分析,從而體驗俚語極強表現力和生命力,以及美國人風趣幽默, 富有創造性的民族特征, 期望可以幫助學習者對美國俚語有一個全面的認識,以便更好地了解美國社會和文化,促進跨文化溝通與交流。

        關鍵詞: 美國俚語;語言;特點

        上傳會員 ゛陌上花開 對本文的描述: “It is impossible to acquire a thorough knowledge of English(or of any other language, for that matter)without being familiar with slang and vulgarism. Whoever is uninitiated will be at a loss to understand many of the masterpieces of......
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