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        資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:王導 更新時間:2017-09-20
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        This thesis mainly studies gender differences in communication from a cross-cultural perspective. By combining theories and examples, we can analyze the differences of pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, conversational modes and strategies between men and women. We find that men and women belong to different social subcultures, which causes the differences of their use of language and speech styles. This thesis analyzes the differences in communication between men and women from a cross-cultural perspective and explores the causes of its formation. At last, it points out that if males and females have a correct understanding of gender differences and respect for differences, their ability to communicate will be improved, and misunderstandings in cross-gender communication will be reduced. 


        Key words: gender difference, gender culture, cross-gender communication





        1. Introduction-1

        1.1 Definition of terms-1

        1.2 Significance of the study-2

        1.3 A brief review of the study-2


        2. Gender Differences in Communication-3

        2.1 Static analysis-3

        2.1.1 Pronunciation-3

        2.1.2 Intonation-3

        2.1.3 Vocabulary-4

        2.2 Dynamic analysis-6

        2.2.1 Questions-6

        2.2.2 Interruptions and overlaps-7

        2.2.3 Minimal responses-7

        2.2.4 Aggressive expressions-8

        2.2.5 Discourse control-8

        2.2.6 Conversational strategies-8


        3. Cause of Gender Differences——Gender Subculture-10

        3.1 Feminine and masculine communication cultures-10

        3.2 Construction of gender culture-10

        3.2.1 Communication among family members-10

        3.2.2 Recreational interaction among children-11


        4. Cross-gender Miscommunications and Suggestions-11

        4.1 Cross-gender miscommunications-11

        4.2 Suggestions on how to improve cross-gender communication in 

           intercultural context-12

        4.2.1 Accepting gender cultural differences-12

        4.2.2 Learning to be tolerant and respectful-13

        4.2.3 Learning to be open and flexible-13


        5. Conclusion-13


        Works Cited-15

        上傳會員 王導 對本文的描述:本文主要從跨文化的角度研究交際中的性別差異。通過理論與實例相結合的方法分析男女性在交際中在語音、語調、詞匯、會話方式以及會話策略方面的差異,我們發現男女性屬于不同......
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