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        資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:夢溪 更新時間:2017-10-11
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        Abstract: English writing is one of the four basic language skills for English learning. Writing ability is an important sign to measure one's language ability. Through writing, we can express our own ideas and communicate with others. What’s more, writing is also a complicated social and cultural process, which works as a powerful tool for thinking, learning and communication. As for students, writing takes up one fifth of the total score in the college entrance examination. Good writing grades are beneficial in the exam competition. As for a good composition, writing correction methods and effect play a necessary and effective role in it, which directly affect the effectiveness of writing and the improvement of students’ writing ability. However, in the traditional assessment format, the teachers undertake almost all the correction work by themselves. They point out or underline the mistakes, and the errors are clearly identified on the writing, giving a simple comment for students’ work. Therefore, students see clearly what was wrong and how to re-correct, however, they hardly have chance to view their own job, what they care most is not the process of how to write a good composition but the scores and right correction from their teachers. Many students feel difficult in organizing and writing a good composition, some are lack of basic writing skills, and others are in-confident about their writing. By now, English writing learning hasn’t got a significant effect, and the composition part is still a unsolved problem for both teachers and students. Scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of researches in finding an effective way to improve senior high school students’ English writing skills and improve the traditional assessment format. According to those researches, such as zone of proximal development and process approach, the apply of self-correction and peer-correction can promote the improvement of students’ independent learning, cooperative learning ability and can also take a good use in Senior High School students’ English writing.


        Key Words: Senior High School Students’ English Writing; Self-correction Peer-correction;  Zone of Proximal Development;  Process Approach 





        Chapter 1 Introduction-1

        1.1 Current situation of senior high school students’ English writing-1

        1.2 Requirements of the curriculum for senior high school English writing-2

        1.3 Organization of the thesis-3

        Chapter2: Researches of self-correction and peer-correction-4

        2.1 Relevant researches about self-correction-4

        2.2 Relevant researches about peer-correction-5

        Chapter 3 Relevant theoretical researches-7

        3.1 Zone of Proximal Development-7

        3.1.1 Definition of Zone of Proximal Development-7

        3.1.2 Practice of Zone of Proximal Development in the learning of English-8

        3.2-Process approach-9

        3.2.1 Definition of Process Approach-9

        3.2.2 Practice of Process Approach-10

        Chapter 4 Experiment-11

        4.1-Background and subjects of the experiment-11

        4.2-Process of the experiment-12

        4.2.1 before experiment-12

        4.2.2 While experiment-12

        4.2.3 Conclusion of the experiment-15

        Chapter 5 Conclusion-15




        上傳會員 夢溪 對本文的描述:一些學生缺乏基本的寫作技巧,一些學生對自己的作文部分不自信。至今,英語寫作教學仍然沒有取得顯著的效果,作文部分對于師生來說都是一個難以解決的問題。為了找到更為有效......
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